Our state-of-the-art production facilities include:

Vertical CNC Machine

This fully automated CNC machine is the fastest and most reliable in the marketplace today and not only allows us to give a quick turn-around on your order, but reduces wastage by allowing the best yield from each block of foam due to its high precision.

Horizontal CNC Machine

This extremely accurate and fully automated CNC machine uses a turntable which enables cuts in 3 dimensions through 90 degrees – making 3d shapes easily and quickly for custom applications.


This machine enables us to cut 4 standard foam blocks all at the same time and is much faster than an ordinary slitter – it can even cut the same block at different thicknesses. The blocks may then be moved onto the CNC machines for further shaping and ultimate precision that you require. This can reduce material costs and make sure you achieve a fast turnaround for a large order especially standard foam blocks.

Band Knife & Angle Knife

For smaller jobs that don’t need a CNC setup we have two band knives and an angle knife which we use for quick straight cut work. So other customer’s smaller one-off requirements do not stop your larger production runs. The Angle knife allows us to cut the foam at different angles.


The profiler enables us to cut 2 sheets of material from one sheet of foam which reduces the amount of material used by getting a higher thickness of foam using less raw materials.


The Peeler allows us to produce long continuous sheets of foam on a single roll, which saves you storage space and is easier to cut and handle.