The full range of materials are vast.
Main categories are

  • Combustion Modified* (CME/CMHR)
  • Visco-Elastic (or ‘Memory’) foams*
  • Chipfoam
  • Standard Polyethers
  • Polyester foams
  • Other – specialised foams: examples arereticulated (filtration),
    high load bearing (HLB for packaging),
    acoustic, impregnated (e.g. higher fire resistance),
    anti-static & conductive foams
    and many more

*All these foams meet the strict requirements of Schedule 1, Part 1: The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1989 and 1993).

In an effort to improve our eco-friendly manufacturing processes we do not use solvent based adhesives, choosing instead to use only water based products.